Our Solar System

1 . Study of universe is called

 a. Seismology   b. Paleontology 
 c. Cosmology   d. None of above 

2 . Name of our Galaxy is

 A. The Whirlpool galaxy   B. Grand spiral Galaxy 
 C. Supernova   D. Milky Way (Akash Ganga)  

3 . Galaxy nearest to our galaxy is

 a. Andromeda   b. Big Bang 
 c. Black hole   d. None of above 

4 . Number of planets in Solar System are

 a. 9   b. 8 
 c. 10   d. 11 

5 . Sun is consider as a

 a. Star   b. Planet 
 c. Sub-Planet   d. Comet 

6 . Which Planet is closest to the Sun

 a. Venus   b. Mars 
 c. Earth   d. Mercury 

7 . Which Planet is closest to the Earth

 a. Venus   b. Mars 
 c. Jupiter   d. Mercury 

8 . Which Planet will support the life after Earth

 a. Pluto   b. Mars 
 c. Jupiter   d. Mercury 

9 . Which Planet is consider as the Earth Twin.

 a. Venus   b. Mars 
 c. Jupiter   d. Mercury 

10 . Which Planet has maximum Oxygen content

 a. Venus   b. Mars 
 c. Earth   d. Neptune 

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