Computer Fundamentals

1 . Father of computer was

 a. Blaise Pascal   b. Charles Babbage  
 c. John Mauchly    d. Newton 
Answer : B
1.Charles Babbage was, Philosopher, Inventor Mathematician and Mechanical Engineer.
2.He was best remembered for originating the concept of a programmable computer.

2 . Basic architecture of computer was developed by

 a. Newton   b. Einstein 
 c. Blaise Pascal   d. John Von Neumann  
Answer : D
John Von Neumann was a applied mathematician, physicist, inventor and computer scientist.
He made major contributions in a number of fields like:-
1. Mathematics
3.Economics (game theory)
5. Statistics.

3 . Brain of computer is

 a. Control unit (CU)   b. Central processing unit ( CPU ) 
 c. Arithmetic logic unit ( ALU )   d. Memory unit ( MU ) 
Answer : B
1.It is the hardware device in a computer, also called central processor or processor
2.It executes all the instructions given by the software and work like a brain of computer.

4 . CPU stand for

 a. Central programming unit    b. Central printing unit  
 c. Central processing unit    d. None of above 
Answer : C

5 . All processing of computer are performed by

 a. CPU   b. Mouse 
 c. Monitor    d. Keyboard  
Answer : A

6 . Parts of CPU are classified as

 a. ALU, RAM and ROM   b. MU, RAM & ROM 
 c. ALU, CU, MU   d. CU, MU, RAM 
Answer : C
ALU stands for: Arithmetic and Logic Unit.
CU stands for Control Unit.
MU stands for Memory Unit.
Above all are basically fundamental building block of CPU.

7 . Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, division and logical options: comparison and decision are performed by.

 a. ALU, RAM and ROM   b. MU, RAM and ROM 
 c. ALU, CU and MU   d. CU, MU and RAM 
Answer : C

8 . CPU is located on

 a. Mother-Board    b. Central-Board 
 c. Extension – Board   d. Storage-Board 
Answer : A
Mother-Board which is also called
1. System Board
2. Main Board
3. Base Board
4. Logic Board
5. Planer Board
Its main purpose is to hold together and allow communication between CPU, memory and other peripherals.

9 . RAM stands for

 a. Random Access Memory    b. Random Arithmetic Memory  
 c. Royal Access Memory    d. Random All Memory  
Answer : A
Random Access Memory one of the computer data storage.

10 . RAM is also called

 a. Primary memory    b. Volatile memory  
 c. Temporary memory    d. All of above 
Answer : D

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