MS Word

1 . MS-Word is a/an………………..

 a. Game   b. Virus 
 c. Typing tutor software   d. Word processing software 
Answer : D

2 . ……… file starts MS-Word

 a. Word. axe   b. Word. exe 
 c. Word 2003. exe   d. Win word. exe  
Answer : D

3 . In MS-Word …….... type of documents are created by default

 a. .txt   b. .dot 
 c. .doc   d. Any of above 
Answer : C

4 . …………is the word processor in MS-Word.

 a. Word pad   b. Word blue 
 c. Word black   d. Word  
Answer : D

5 . ……. is not a valid version of MS office.

 a. Office XP   b. Office vista 
 c. Office 2007   d. All of above 
Answer : B

6 . In MS-Word ………… key is used to start new paragraph

 a. Shift   b. Tab 
 c. Control   d. Enter  
Answer : D

7 . MS-Word frame can include

 a. Tables only   b. Tables and text 
 c. Graphics only   d. All of above 
Answer : D

8 . In MS-Word ………. program is used to check the spellings

 a. Spellcheck   b. Checkspell 
 c. Spello   d. Clipart 
Answer : A

9 . A letter, report, memo and any kind of file prepared by MS-Word is called

 a. Worksheet   b. Document 
 c. Database   d. Software 
Answer : B

10 . RTF in MS-Word stands for

 a. Rich time format   b. Rich text format 
 c. Real time fonts   d. Really text files 
Answer : B

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